About Us

Quality Control

Quality is everything. From the initial customer provided materials inspection through the intermediary stages and onto the final inspection, every piece goes through a multistep inspection process to ensure reliable and consistent plating.


There is no substitute for experience. Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. has experienced a long working relationship with America’s most demanding manufacturers. Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. has more than experience in the automotive, aviation, communications, computer, nuclear, hydraulics, military, plastics, tool, mold, and steel industries – we also have the sensitivity to understand customer needs.


Our engineers know how to intelligently counsel and guide customers. When the part is being designed we involve our engineers so they can help write the finished specifications and stand behind the results. Our engineers typically assist in reducing manufacturing costs while increasing final product quality to help our customers exceed their own internal specifications.


Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc.’ processes can handle parts up to 8,000 pounds, exceeding 30 feet in length. Both prototype work and high-volume production are processed in our modern  facility.

Recognition within the Industry

Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. is active in many trade associations and is recognized as an industry leader. We have combined the technology and the experience to plate extremely difficult jobs. That’s why the majority of Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. jobs come from referrals and other metal finishing companies.

Environmentally Responsible

Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. is dedicated to the safety of our environment and works side-by-side with governmental agencies. Many of our coatings comply to RoHs, ELV, and WEE regulations.


Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. has one overwhelming goal: the best possible quality and delivery at the most economical cost. With our wide range of unique engineered coatings, we can often times offer alternatives and solutions not available by most of our competitors.

Single Source Responsibility

Is accomplished by helping to engineer the least expensive plating process, using advanced technology to find the best coating; single source responsibility, to cut down on transportation costs and errors; and the use of strict quality control procedures. We understand the expense of missed deliveries and have policies and procedures to insure that your parts are delivered on time every time.

Confidentiality and Security

Over the course of many years, we have dealt with highly sensitive prototypes and one off pieces. As an added assurance, all of our members have completed classes on security and confidentiality. Furthermore, many of our employees have security clearances and all of them have signed confidentiality non-disclosure agreements. We utilize FORT KNOX™ safes to keep customer prototypes and drawings secure.

Quality is Longevity!

Our QC capabilities include ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, Fischerscope, Permascope X-Ray Flourescence, Computerized Controllers, Atomic Absorption, Salt Spray and Wet Laboratories.

Military & AMS Process Specifications

QQ-C-320, QQ-N-290, MPR-1059, AMS-C-26074, MIL-C-20218, AMS-2403, AMS-2404, AMS-2405, AMS-2406, ISO1458, ISO-4526 and many others.