Copper Plating

Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. utilizes specialized equipment to electro-deposit a layer of copper upon a base substrate. Copper electroplating is a coating that can be applied for both engineering and decorative purposes, using a cyanide bath. Copper electroplating can be used as a Heat Treatment Stop-off on steel for nitriding and carburizing. This means that copper electroplated portions of a steel part will be excluded from the heat treat process. Copper electroplating can also be used as a strike layer, providing a base coat for additional plating. Advantages of copper electroplating include: excellent electrical conductivity, good lubrication, and solderability.

Copper Plating Capabilities:

  • Plating Thickness Range of 0.0001 to 0.0050 in.
  • Rack and Barrel Plating Available
  • Available Masking for Selective Surface Plating
  • Available Masking for Selective Surface Plating
  • Thickness Analysis with X-Ray Fluorescence Technology

Alexandria Plating Industries, Inc. is able to copper plate to ASTM B734, AMS 2418F, MIL-C-14550B Standards. We offer rack and barrel plating to our customers with a maximum length of fourteen feet. Brush plating is also available with lengths to 30 feet.

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Quality is Longevity!

Our QC capabilities include ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, Fischerscope, Permascope X-Ray Flourescence, Computerized Controllers, Atomic Absorption, Salt Spray and Wet Laboratories.

Military & AMS Process Specifications

QQ-C-320, QQ-N-290, MPR-1059, AMS-C-26074, MIL-C-20218, AMS-2403, AMS-2404, AMS-2405, AMS-2406, ISO1458, ISO-4526 and many others.